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Key Features of Breakdown Providers

  • Products and services available from Breakdown Providers:
    Breakdown Cover and European Breakdown Cover.
  • Latest special offers
  • Wide range of services on offer
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Breakdown Providers

Great value offers and services for Breakdown Cover.

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From: Stan Glover
Date: 15/07/09

I had a breakdown my wheelbearings collapsed on my trailer, called my own breakdown service refused to come out as trailer was not covered. Luckily my son was with me and he was in the AA, called them within half an hour recovery truck turned up and took my trailer to my address. I then joined the AA.



From: Richard Thompson
Date: 23/05/09

The AA

Thank you for your assistance today. I had a problem with a tyre. The call taker was very polite and efficient. Good service from Grifins garage as well.

Thanks Richard



From: Miss H Bridges
Date: 10/10/07

I had to be rescued this week by yourselves. I would like to extend a very big thank you and GOLD star to the RAC Man who rescued me, he was extremely helpful and took the time to explain the problem and the temporary solution to the problem I was experiencing.

I have had to call RAC out three times now (sorry) but must say I have been impressed on every occassion and am glad I switched from AA and have not looked back. Thank you to everyone, keep up the good work.

Hester Bridges


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